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UQ Young Scholars Program

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UQ Young Scholars Program
by Mr Cowley - Thursday, 6 June 2013, 4:30 PM

Attention Year 11 Students!


The University of Queensland is offering students from Brisbane Adventist College the opportunity to participate in the Young Scholars Program (YSP).

Designed to nurture and develop high achieving Year 11 students, the Program presents students with a unique opportunity for academic extension and enrichment.  UQ Young Scholars will discover, learn and engage with UQ's academic community, leading thinkers and like-minded students from across Queensland and New South Wales.

During their participation in the Program, UQ Young Scholars are challenged to think critically about today's major global issues and are exposed to a wide range of potential study areas and career opportunities.  They will engage in discussions and collaborative forums in group settings and enjoy a range of complementary social, sporting and cultural activities.

To ensure diversity in the Program and allows each student to make their special contribution, UQ will select nominees from a wide range of schools, backgrounds and interest areas.  Financial hardship should not be perceived as a barrier to participation.  Program fee waivers and travel bursaries are available for students who are able to provide evidence of financial hardship.


Attached are copies of the brochure pages as well as the Application Guidelines.