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Green Aid Relief

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Green Aid Relief
by Mr Cowley - Tuesday, 16 July 2013, 10:02 AM

Brisbane Adventist College has joined forces with Green Aid Relief to

coordinate our third term fund-raising activity.

Green Aid Relief partners with schools to provide support to local, national and

international children in need of help.

In order to raise funds to do so, each child has been provided with a Green Aid

Relief box containing 24 packets of latex-free sterile strips.

We are asking families to purchase or sell the individual packets of sterile

strips for $3 each and return all monies, plus any unsold packets to school

during the week Monday 5 August - Friday 9 August.

We would love parents to take the boxes to work locations to boost the sales

if that was appropriate, or sell to family and friends but we discourage children

to ‘door knock’ the houses of strangers unaccompanied. Of course, families

that sell their box can ask for another one.

At the completion of the sales period, some very generous prizes will be

awarded to the child that raises the most money.

1st Prize:

iPad 4

2nd Prize:

Choice between $200 VISA Voucher or Nintendo 3DS

3rd Prize:

Choice between $50 Smiggles voucher or $50 JB Hi-Fi Voucher

For every packet sold, BAC will receive $1, Green Aid Relief will spend $1

supporting local, national and international children, and $1 is required to

manufacture the sterile strips, and provide prizes etc.

Thank you for supporting this exciting fund-raising initiative.