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Assessment Calendar for Semester 1, 2014

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Assessment Calendar for Semester 1, 2014
by Mr Cowley - Friday, 21 February 2014, 3:36 PM
Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

**Updated plans for Yrs 10-12 on 21/2/14**

Work on coordinating the six secondary assessment calendars is now complete!

We have endeavoured to manage the due dates so that we limit the number of tasks that students could have due in a single week. While this may improve the spacing of some academic tasks, there will nonetheless be blocks of time where the pressure to meet deadlines is greater.

To assist you with forward planning and organising, I have attached a visual overview of the task due dates for each year level for the entire semester.

Specific requirements for each task will still be provided by each subject teacher - feel free to make contact directly with them for information pertaining to the assessment details.

Kind regards

Mr Cowley
Academic Dean