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2014 Senior External Examinations

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2014 Senior External Examinations
by Mr Cowley - Thursday, 20 March 2014, 9:35 AM
The 2014 Senior External Examination consists of 21 individual subject examinations provided across Queensland in October or November by the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA).

Each examination is held only once a year and results are based solely on examination performance. Please see the attached "Guide for Year 12 Students", noting that the registration closes on Wednesday 30 April - however I would like to finalise the applications by Monday 28 April. The cost for 2014 is $55.15 per subject. Students may sit either one or two examinations in subjects that are not offered at our College.

Traditionally, BAC students sit the language examinations that are offered.

For register for a Senior External Examination, or to request more information, contact the Academic Dean on