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Secondary Carpark and Drop 'n' Go

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Secondary Carpark and Drop 'n' Go
by Mr Dever - Sunday, 19 April 2015, 2:26 PM
Important Notice - Changes to Secondary Carpark and Drop 'n' Go

For the safety of students and the convenience of parents, we have made some initial changes to the Secondary Carpark and Drop 'n' Go over the Term 1 holidays.  Please see the attached photos.  This is just the beginning of some exciting improvements planned for Secondary and we will gradually make the changes to the carpark more permanent as we identify and iron out any unexpected issues.  Some details are outlined below:
  1. Please note that there is now a dedicated ENTRY (Gate 5) and EXIT (Gate 6). 
  2. If you intend to just drop 'n' go, please follow the double yellow lines, stopping briefly to pick up your son or daughter. 
  3. There is sufficient space for cars to be stopped next to the double lines while allowing other traffic through access.
  4. If you need to park for more than a few moments, please use the angled parks in the middle section. 
  5. Senior students who drive to school are asked to park in the spaces against the Wishart Rd fence. 
  6. The area to the left of the double lines is for pedestrian access only.
  7. Students who need pedestrian access to Wishart Road are asked to use the 'zebra' markings out through Gate 5. 

Visitors to the Secondary Campus are asked to enter the Secondary Reception from the footpath entry off Wishart Road.  A dedicated internal footpath and signage is part of the larger plan of improvements.